We’re halfway to the finish line and your progress is being celebrated!

We would love to learn more about your championship ways. Please create a video, or schedule a video podcast with our team so we can fully showcase your school and how you’ve made it to the Trex Recycling Challenge Top 25!


Your video should be 1 to 1.5 minutes long and include at least three students and one faculty member.

Use these questions to guide your video storyline:

  • Please state your school name and location
  • Unrelated to the Trex Recycling Challenge, what makes your school special?
  • How did your school hear about the Trex Recycling Challenge and become involved?
  • Do you have any tips on best practices?
  • What’s making you guys most successful?
  • What would you do with the funds if your school wins the Trex Recycling Challenge?


  1. Fill out the form below and upload your video.
  2. Schedule a Podcast Interview with the Recycle2Win Team.


We will choose a winner from the video submissions and the video podcasts based upon:

  • Most compelling story
  • Overall quality of the footage
  • Most engaging examples of teamwork and collaboration

The winner of the Top 25 Tournament will receive a $500 check.

Option #1: Your school can submit a 60-90 SECOND video

Option #2: Schedule a Podcast Interview with the Recycle2Win Team

Fill out the form below and we will schedule a call with you and your classmates to discuss your efforts to date and spotlight your school and all that have helped you in the community.

The school with the number one video or podcast interview will win $500!

As always, remember to take plenty of pictures as you collect and recycle your film, and post on social media with the hashtags #TrexRecyclingChallenge and #Recycle2Win so we can follow along with your progress.

There are additional cash prizes for social media participation!